Gideon Blue

Release Diary - Part 2

After getting the final version of STAR to satisfactory level it was about pulling on what contacts and digital media I had collated over the last few years and it was expected that I would need to pay some money to help advertise or promote the EP - it would not sell itself.

A few things I wanted to have in play first:

  • A release date
  • How would the music be sold
  • Investigate the different sources of media.
  • Build up a stock of contacts to be able to promote the music

Give yourself a good timeline for the release date. For when I had finished the song I gave myself 6 weeks of setting up the promotion.

The first area was what package and freebies I wanted to give - so I visited There I could set up my own page and they would handle any sales made. Its all on Digital and gave me options in terms of building in 'bonus' tracks. This also allowed me to sell via my website so any fans could be getting a better deal by visiting the website. At first this took longer than I thought as you have to determine what songs you want available for the fan to listen/download. Give too much away then the surprise of the bonus becomes worthless.

PLAN it out in advance. on what your exclusive offer is going to be and be ready to think of a few options before choosing the final one.

Next I used, which is a very good way of paying for credits and those credits ensure your song is integrated into a play list the listener has designed. Therefore your song gets played in line with similar bands to your genre. If they like the song they will click a box and become your fan. Over the last few years I have accumulated over 124 fans - you can then send them messages and updates going forward. Would highly recommend the use of


Next Instalment will cover Reverbnation and the social media sources.

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