Gideon Blue

Welcome to the Gideon Blue website  -  

A BIG HELLO for those visiting the site after hearing songs on JANGO / RADIOAIRPLAY/MUSIC XRAY/REVERBNATION, your support is much appreciated.

Welcome to the productions of Indie style Pop/Rock songs with Guitars being the main influence.

The site welcomes people looking for new music and also Publishing Houses looking for new tunes for Films/TV/Adverts.


What has been happening????

Well after the release of STAR in 2015, its been quite a turbulent year as almost at the same time of releasing STAR, my girlfriend was diagnosed with serious Kidney Disease. All stable now and she is on Dialysis.

This has meant a bit of an 'off 'and 'on' process when writing some new material. So much so only have one song properly recorded into a good demo. However have a further 3 new songs penned ready to record in 2017.

Latest Song written is called 'My Son' and is a more reflective acoustic feel but still with some twangy electric Indie guitar thrown in for good measure. The story is about a man looking to meet his son after finding out he has one. This has no bearing at all with me or anyone I know, but just started playing some music and the words started to evolve.

Finished this first cut and now giving a sneak preview to those loyal fans 

STAR EP was released on the 30 November 15 and still available on all good music sites such as i-tunes, Spotify. If you want some additional freebie tracks included, you can purchase from     


DIARY for early 2017

Release 'My Son' to fans and websites and get feedback.

More writing of new songs and release Demo's for feedback.

Look to record 'My Son' to broadcast quality and release as a single.